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Call (919) 776-7737 for our September Specials!

History of Central Carolina Scale

Central Carolina Scale is at home in the small community of Sanford, North Carolina which is located about thirty minutes south of the state capital of Raleigh, North Carolina. This area is often considered one of the best areas in the country to live and work. The company headquarters are just a few hours away from the beach or the mountains, great universities and hospitals, lots of sporting events and outdoor life and many great businesses call this area home as well. It's one of the big reasons the company was founded in this area.

Central Carolina Scale, Inc was founded in 1980 by H. Wayne Lamberth. But the foundation of the business goes back much farther than that. After a successful tenure in the United States Air Force, Wayne started working for Howe Richardson Scales in Charlotte, NC in the early 1970's. After that, he partnered with his uncle, Johnny Whitaker to form a scale company north of Charlotte in the Statesville, NC region in the late 1970's.

After doing this for several years Wayne decided he wanted to move to central North Carolina and own his own business so he started Central Carolina Scale, Inc. The original building still exists but there have been four additions added over the years just to keep up with the growth of the company which provides sales, service, repairs, calibration and rental services.


Central Carolina Scale employees have over 90 years of combined experience in weighing equipment sales and service but even with all that experience, the staff still trains regularly via both on the job training and factory supplied training. This one of the reasons why Central Carolina Scale has firmly established itself as a leader in the scale industry. It's also one of the reasons that many of the top scale manufacturers in the United States like Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, Doran Scales, Intercomp, and Avery Weigh-Tronix rely on lab balance calibrationCentral Carolina Scale to distribute and service their scale equipment.

It's worth mentioning though that Central Carolina Scale, Inc is an independent scale company which basically means that although the company does enjoy great relationships and support from scale suppliers like Rice Lake and Cardinal, but ultimately Central Carolina Scale is free to decide what item(s) are best suited for a particular customer. This is important because it means that the customer is provided with whichever manufacturer(s) or model(s) that the company feels is appropriate and not forced to look only at one manufacturer.

Facilities and equipment are wonderful resources.. but ultimately are of little value without the most important aspect of any business – its people. Central Carolina Scale is proud of its ability to attract top-notch people to its business. Over the years Central Carolina Scale has been fortunate in being able to employ many talented individuals with the willingness to develop their skills to the highest levels to recommend, repair, and provide quality weighing equipment to customers. Central Carolina Scale believes in having the best people on board, from the service testing and adjusting a bench scaleproviders to the office staff to customer-service representatives.

The company is committed to providing quality products and service to its customers that meet or exceed requirements and expectations. Central Carolina Scale, Inc. is dedicated to the fact that quality products and service will always be the cornerstone in all areas from the president to the experienced and dedicated technician in the field. Continuous improvements are required from all employees because the customers deserve the best.

Central Carolina Scale technicians are certified each year by the State of North Carolina. The company employs a service fleet of 6 small trucks for the small scales and light weight jobs and 3 heavy duty test trucks to provide weight for the large truck scales and heavier weight jobs.

Central Carolina Scale is one of the few scale company's in North Carolina to have 2 test trucks with certified weigh carts. The Weigh Carts allow for greater flexibility and testing across the entire scale platform. The standard test weight test cart is a 4-wheel design, with an empty cart weight of 5,000 pounds and is capable of holding large block weights within its basket area, for a gross capacity of over 25,000 pounds. With a variety of testing equipment available, these service vehicles are equipped to check laboratory balances all the way up to a Rail Road Track Scale.

calibrating a digital weight indicatorAnother thing that sets Central Carolina Scale apart from others is replacement parts availability. You can count on Central Carolina Scale to have spare parts on the shelf since the service department stocks a large inventory of replacement items such as load cells and digital weight indicators to service your equipment and reduce downtime.

The company also stocks a large inventory of rental scales to meet your quarterly or annual inventory requirements. Competitive hourly rates and special hourly discount rates are offered for "preferred service" customers. Contact us today (919) 776-7737 and experience why more and more customers each year are trusting their accuracy with Central Carolina Scale, Inc.


Mission Statement
Central Carolina Scale, Inc. is committed to providing quality products and service to its customers that meet or exceed requirements and expectations. Central Carolina Scale, Inc. is dedicated to the fact that quality will always be the cornerstone in all areas from the top management level to the technician in the field. Continuous improvements are required from all employees because our customers deserve the best and this assures our customers the best return for your business dollar.

 veteran owned business

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